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Journey Of My Real Estate Team Building Career

Updated: Sep 5

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How time flies! It has been almost 3 years since I last wrote about my own journey as a real estate salesperson.

Journey Of My Real Estate Agent Career

This article has generated a lot of interest, especially for those who are looking into a career in real estate. I've had the honour of meeting many of them, and also welcoming them into RealTeam as we walk this journey together.

And I thought it's timely to update my readers what I have been doing for the past 3 years.

So join me as I enter my time capsule to share about my journey! Let's go!

The big move to Huttons Real Estate Team. What happened?

I moved over with my team to Huttons in 2022. Many were surprised as I had only been with my previous agency for 2 years.

So why the move?

If you read my previous article, you would have known that in 2020, I moved from ERA to join James Yeow, who was with the Navis group in OrangeTee & Tie.

In 2022, Navis group completed the move to Huttons.

The Navis managing partners said this in a joint statement.

We are delighted to be joining Huttons as we share their vision to develop the most efficient agency platform and significantly grow agency numbers. Combining our strong presence in the resale market with Huttons’ far greater access to new build projects in both Singapore and overseas will power the combined team to greater heights.

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Navis managing partners Jay Ong, Stuart Chng, Gary Chua and Jackie Mang with CEO of Huttons Asia, Mark Yip.
Navis managing partners Jay Ong, Stuart Chng, Gary Chua and Jackie Mang with CEO of Huttons Asia, Mark Yip.

Having experienced what Navis provides in terms of training, IT support and most importantly - the unique Navis culture, it was not a difficult decision to move together with the team.

In my meetups with real estate agents considering if they should join me, one of the first few questions they asked is: How is Huttons as a real estate agency?

And I think I am in the right position to give them an analysis of how I feel.

Having been around the industry for awhile, and experiencing the support and environment with 3 different property agencies, I am able to share my views on which agency I feel is most suitable for them.

I have written an article on the important factors to consider when deciding which real estate agency to join.

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So how's my experience with Huttons so far?

Let's talk about my first impression.

In my first few trips to Huttons office, there will always be someone checking in to make sure everything is ok.

I remembered one incident when I was leaving the office. Someone was in the lift with me. She welcomed me to Huttons and ask if everything was ok. Honestly I can't recognise who she was so I asked for her name. This person is none other than Peggy Ngiam! Thanks Peggy for the warm welcome :)

I am very impressed with Huttons admin staff. Whenever I was there to collect ID tags with my team, someone will acknowledge me by my name. This might not seems like a big thing, but it sure gives a very good feeling. (Note to self: Please remember everyone by name cos it makes a difference).

And special shoutout to Pauline Hoo, Huttons Head of Associate Affairs! Thank you for your help and support in my team building effort! 🙌

I feel so at home here at Huttons.

Warmest welcome from Huttons staff when we came onboard :)
Warmest welcome from Huttons staff when we came onboard :)

Next, lets talk about the management.

The top man in Huttons is none other than Mark Yip. This is a man who is forward thinking and has a lot of drive. It is no wonder Huttons is the fastest growing agency for the past 2 years.

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fastest growing real estate agency
Another milestone for Huttons! Big Congratulations!

During the past 1.5years I was here, Mark came up with many initiatives to drive the company forward.. Some of the initiatives include the Millennium club, which acknowledge the contribution of the Millennials in Huttons.

Another initiative which benefitted our team is the setting up of Huttons at East. As there will be a number of major project launches in the East within the next few years, Mark came up with this initiative to help Huttons salesperson penetrate and capture this East side market.

Check out these photos of our teammates doing roadshows and collecting leads in Parkway Parade.

The Continuum, Grand Tembusu, Dunman Grand
Our teammates with Huttons at East collecting leads for upcoming District 15 launches.

Of cos, there were some teething problems in our initial move. I am thankful to both Navis and Huttons management for quickly looking into and resolving them.

With problems and feedback comes improvement. Great job Huttons!

Finally, how has being in Huttons helped me and my team in our real estate sales?

For me personally, the biggest improvement I have seen for myself and my team is our knowledge and involvement in project launches.

Huttons has always been the pioneer agency when it comes to new launch sales. We are involved in most of the new project launches in Singapore. Moving to Huttons means my team and I are able to market these projects.

This is a great opportunity for a real estate salesperson. We have access to first-hand information and core teams are formed earlier so we can collect leads and reach out to clients faster.

In an age where speed is of the essence, it is very important to have information as early as possible so we can start our marketing campaigns at a lower cost.

And what does it mean for our clients? Having access to first-hand information means we are able to compare and recommend the correct property that best fits our client's requirements.

My focus in real estate sales has always been in the resale segment. Now that I am more involved in new launches, I am able to bridge my knowledge and experience in both resale and new launches.

This is important as not only can I increase my own sales, it also allows me to share my knowledge and experience in this segment with my team.

And yes, big congrats to myself for achieving Hutton's Number 1 position for project sales in the first month of 2023!!!

Vivian Chong district 15 district 16 specialist
Another achievement unlocked! Huttons No 1 position for new launch in January 2023!!!

Working on the commercial shophouse segment, how has that turned out?

Back to where it all began.

I joined James Yeow in 2020 as I wanted to learn about the commercial shophouse segment. After 18 years of residential sales, it's high time to get out of my comfort zone and try something different.

So in 2020, I spent a lot of my time learning about commercial shophouses. It was an eye-opener cos working on the commercial segment is really very different from doing residential sales.

In the same year, I also decided to embark on team building. I will share more on this in the next segment.

Oh, and I was busy with my own residential sales.

The outcome?

My sales record for that year was one of the worst I had throughout my real estate career.

It was not difficult to know why this happened. I overestimated myself by trying to do too much and lost focus.

I was determined to not let this happen again.

Between commercial shophouses, team building, and residential sales, I had to drop one. Team building is my passion and lifelong career. Residential sales is my main income source and an area where I don't need to spend a lot of time learning since I am very familiar with this segment.

In the end, I chose to drop the commercial shophouse. Sorry James!

Thinking back, will I make the same decision to join James in 2020 since ultimately I decided not to focus on commercial shophouses?

In life, we try to make the best plan. But many a time, there seems to be a better plan for us.

While I did not pursue the commercial shophouse segment, my team benefitted directly from James's expertise. Our teammates learned a lot about this segment from him, and some even chose to specialize in the commercial shophouse segment!

I am deeply grateful to James for so selflessly sharing what many others will not.

And if you are reading this and are keen to focus on the commercial shophouse segment, James is definitely the person to go to. Not only does he have vast knowledge of this segment, he is also very willing to teach.

Commercial shophouse is a niche segment. It is extremely important to find the right person to guide you along the way.

Check out James Yeow in his video here.

james yeow commercial shophouse
With James Yeow at the 2022 Navis Gala Dinner.

Team Building & Women Empowerment

Year 2020 started my journey with Navis, and I got to know Stuart Chng, one of the managing partners for Navis.

As many of you know, I am very passionate about issues regarding women empowerment. In my capacity as a real estate career leader, I hope to empower women through a rewarding real estate career.

The idea of women empowerment through real estate career was conceived because of my own real estate journey. And cos of my own journey, I know this is a great career for women, both in terms of financial and time flexibility.

However, this is something new in the real estate arena then. Many do not support my idea as they feel will limit the growth of the team.

However, Stuart sees it differently. He is very supportive of what I intend to do, and he gives me a lot of courage to pursue the identity of this team that I want to build.

So to Stuart, yes I was the one with this vision. But without your support, I might not pursue it, and for sure it will not spin off as beautifully as it is now.

Thank you :)

Vivian and Stuart
Grateful to Stuart for his support in my vision for women empowerment.


The proudest thing I have done over the past few years is to put together a team that is close to my heart.

In the last article, I mentioned that after 2 decades in the real estate industry, I would like to pay it forward by coaching and mentoring fellow realtors, especially women who want to build a career in real estate.

RealTeam was formed in 2021.

The past 2.5 years have seen many of our teammates achieving breakthroughs in their real estate career, and gain a foothold in this industry.

Last year, we had a number of new RES came onboard the team. I see a lot of potential in this group of new realtors and I hope 2023 will be the year many of them achieve their own breakthroughs.

I feel a great sense of pride in how far we have come together.

And I would like to share a lightbulb moment I had.

Our team got together for a Christmas gathering last year. A few of our new teammates joined us for the first time. There was this moment when I stood in front of the room taking in everything that was going on, and it strikes me how our new teammates mingle so easily with the rest.

And that was the moment when I know:

We are not just building a real estate team, we are building a community.


From Now On...

The past 3 years have been a revelation, shaping my vision for the future and gives me clarity on what I want to do in the mid-long term.

Team building is what I love most. While I will still be doing my sales, my focus will lean towards building the real estate career of our teammates.

2 years ago, I started real estate team building cos I would like to mentor fellow salesperson.

And now 2 years later, I would like to work with fellow team leaders and aspiring leaders looking to build their own team. Hopefully my experience and journey in team building can inspire them to also start building their team.

So shout out to all aspiring team leaders! If you are like me 2 years ago, thinking to build your own team but lack the courage or direction, or you have a team but have since stagnated in your team building journey.

Connect with me and let's see if we have the chemistry to make this works! 🙌

Make An Appointment Here

Last but not least, I want to give thanks to The Man above.

For I know the plans I have for you. ~Jeremiah 29:11~

Thank you for putting me where I am.


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About The Author


Vivian joined the real estate industry in 2002. Having been in the real estate business for almost 2 decades, she knows the rewards and challenges that a real estate agent face.

While the real estate career offers lucrative income and flexible work hours, it also presents many challenges - financial insecurity as we do not have basic pay, time management as we juggle work, children and family all at one time.

Only those who have walked the same journey will understand.

Vivian would now like to pay it forward by mentoring fellow agents, especially women who want to build a real estate career.

It is her vision to see women achieving their dreams, and live their lives with purpose and passion through a successful real estate career.

Call Vivian at 98577714 to embark on this journey.

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