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Who Are The Rainmakers?

REALTeam is a group within The Rainmakers, led by Yap Boon Seng and James Yeow.


Both Boon Seng and James are veterans in the real estate industry, with more than 2 decades of experience. They are leading more than 60 agents in Huttons and many of them have become regulars in the Top Achievers Chart!


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About Rainmakers Leaders

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Yap Boon Seng

Boon Seng joined the real estate industry in the midst of a global recession in 1999.

He focused on property sales in the initial years of his real estate career and began team building in the mid-2000s. He was consistently the Top 5 monthly division director and annual award recipients. 

Team building to Boon Seng is not about numbers. He prefers a smaller outfit so as to give his associates full attention.


To him, team building is about changing people lives & touching their hearts with what we possess. 

Today, Boon Seng is leading a team of more than 60 agents in Huttons Navis and contribute to their training, growth and development as leaders and producers.

James joined the real estate industry in year 2000.

As a newbie then, he was exposed to the different segments of the industry like HDB, private residential, new launches, and TOP projects.

An opportunity knocks for him to help a client on commercial retail space, and he never looked back since.


James enjoys working in the commercial segment. His focus is on shophouses and is active in the sale and rental of this rare asset class.​


Apart from sales, James would love to groom more realtors to specialise in this market segment.

He believes that this commercial journey should not be a lonely one. Everyone can compliment each other just like in a soccer team, where everyone covers different parts of the field.

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James Yeow
Boon Seng & James

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