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Singapore's Leading Real Estate Agency!


As a part of Huttons NAVIS Group, you’ll be helping to shape one of Singapore's most dynamic real estate agencies – as well as a career of your own.


With our revolutionary technology and advanced training programmes, Huttons NAVIS Group continues to attract the best leaders and agents in the real estate industry.

Yes, we are a bunch of go-getters! 


Yes, we are driven and motivated!

But we are also a company of genuine good-hearted people.

Our motivation isn't purely derived from sales figures alone; they are determined by our passion and belief in making every agent's real estate career a positive, meaningful and enjoyable one.

We expect alot from our people but in turn, we will support, nurture and share all our insights, advice and experience with you. We hope you can grow, succeed and realise your full potential with us.

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As you journey along with us, you will meet and build for yourselves a huge cast of interesting, colourful and intelligent characters from all walks of life.

We embrace diversity as we know it brings us greater ideas and talents from various perspectives that we alone cannot seek.


An integral part of our culture is that we recognise you as an individual with unique skills and talents and who can grow and reach your fullest potential only when you are in a sharing and nurturing environment.

This environment is a critical ingredient that makes Huttons NAVIS Group stand out among Singapore's top real estate agents.

NAVIS Training Platform

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NAVIS Mastery Academy is our Training Master Plan that produces highly qualified and deployment ready property agents.

Led by renown and highly experienced industry trainers, NAVIS Mastery Academy enhances our property agents’ knowledge and helps them achieve new breakthroughs in their careers.

With more than 190 hours of free intensive lessons, role plays, on-site training, and immersive boot camp trainings, NAVIS Mastery Academy equips our property agents with the capabilities to meet the needs and expectations of clients from the mass market to the most affluent of investors.

Check out our trainings programs below!

Interested for a career in real estate? Let's chat!

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