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District 15 East Coast Property Review - Grand Dunman 名门世家

Updated: Jan 12

condo review grand dunman road

Grand Dunman condo, located on Dunman Road in District 15 was launched in July 2023.

District 15 East Coast area has always been popular with homeowners and investors.

In today's article, let's dig deep into this condominium and discuss the following:

Siteplan Analysis - Direction & Facing of Units, Condo Facilities, Unit Distribution


Grand Dunman Surrounding Area Review

1) Location

Tembusu Grand, The Continuum
Grand Dunman is located at the fringe of a landed enclave.

Grand Dunman is located at the end of Dunman Road, where it links to Old Airport Road.

If you look at the map, Grand Dunman is actually sitting on the fringe of a landed enclave, with the exclusive Mountbatten landed estate on the right hand side and condos like Waterbank @ Dakota, Dakota Residences and a few blocks of HDB on the left.

Paya Lebar Quarter

Head towards the north, residents will reach Paya Lebar where Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) is. PLQ is the closest commercial hub to the CBD, and a dynamic regional hub between the CBD and Changi Airport.

The three office towers in PLQ provide almost one million square feet of Grade A prime office space. Tenants include leading corporations from infrastructure, financial services, real estate and co-working solutions sectors.

Besides the commercial hub, the PLQ precinct also consist of the PLQ shopping mall and Paya Lebar Residences.

Prestigious Meyer/Amber residential precinct

Head towards the south direction where East Coast Park is, and you will reach the prime district of district 15 - the prestigious Meyer and Amber residential areas.

Meyer Road and Amber Road are the prime residential area of District 15 which are highly sought after by both locals and expats.

2) Transport Accessibility

circle line mrt, grand dunman new launch
Grand Dunman is located just 3minutes walk to Dakota MRT!

Proximity to the MRT station is one of the best selling points for Grand Dunman!

Located just 3 minutes walk to Dakota MRT on the Circle Line, residents of Grand Dunman can enjoy superb connectivity to other parts of the island!

Paya Lebar interchange is just one stop away. It brings you not only to the Paya Lebar Quarter, it also brings you to the East-West line where Changi Airport and Expo stations are,

Besides the MRT, Grand Dunman is also easily accessible to major expressways.

East Coast Parkway (ECP) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) are 2 major highways in Singapore, bringing you to other parts of the island. They are only a few minutes drive from Grand Dunman.

3) Surrounding Amenities

East coast beach, tembusu grand
Grand Dunman is located only 5mins drive to the East Coast Park.

District 15 has traditionally been a popular residential area because of the amenities in this area.

East Coast Park

One of the big attractions is the East Coast Park. Many residents in District 15 enjoy riding their bikes with their families in the East Coast Park.

You will also find the more enthusiastic cyclist riding all the way to Gardens By The Bay or to the rustic Changi Village!

Old Airport Food Centre

Katong area in District 15 is well known as the food paradise,

And the famous Old Airport Food Centre is just 5 minutes walk away from Grand Dunman! Get your local food like chicken rice, laksa, loh mee, char kway teow etc in this popular decades old food centre!

Shopping Malls

Parkway Parade is a shopping mall that has accompanied generations of residents in District 15. The mall has gone through enhancement and revamped itself through the years. It is no wonder why it is one of the most popular malls in the east throughout the years.

i12 is another mall that has gone through a major revamp recently. You can find many nice F&B establishments in this mall.

And of cos, as mentioned earlier in this article, PLQ mall is another mall that draws a lot of shoppers in the East. It has a good mix of both retails and F&B.

It is great living in the east!

4) Nearby Schools

Primary school, grand dunman
Kong Hwa School is located within 1km of Grand Dunman!

Are you a parent with children entering Primary 1?

Take a 8-minutes stroll along the Park Connector and you will reach the highly sought after Kong Hwa School.

Besides Kong Hwa School, Tanjong Katong Primary School is also within 1 km from Grand Dunman!

For parents with secondary schools children, Chung Cheng High, Tanjong Katong Girls School Secondary and Tanjong Katong Secondary School are all nearby.


Grand Dunman Overview


2, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18 Dunman Road


SingHaiYi Group and CSC Land Group

Site Area

Approx 271,622 sqf


99 years

Estimated TOP

Dec 2028

No of Blocks

6 Luxury Blocks and 1 Grand Block

No of Storey

18 storey

No of Units

1,008 units + 5 shops

Unit Types

1 Bedroom - 92 units (549 to 581 sqf)

​1 Bedroom + Study - 112 units (549 to 710 sqf)

2 Bedroom - 119 units (667 TO 893 sqf)

2 Bedroom + Study - 137 units (775 sqf)

2 Bedroom Dual Key - 34 units (721 to 872 sqf)

3 Bedroom (Grand) - 32 units (1,475 to 1,819 sqf)

3 Bedroom (Luxury) - 126 units (926 to 1,163 sqf)

3 Bedroom + Study - 103 units (1,119 sqf)

3 Bedroom Dual Key - 36 units(1,044 to 1,238sqf)

3 Bedroom Flexi - 18 units (1,098 to 1,302 sqf)

4 Bedroom (Grand) - 34 units (1,787 to 2,314 sqf)

4 Bedroom (Luxury) - 87 units (1,292 to 1,518 sqf)

5 Bedroom (Grand) - 34 units (2,131 to 2,615 sqf)

5 Bedroom (Luxury) - 34 units (1,679 to 1,690sqf)

Penthouse - 10 units (2,336 to 3,068 sqf)

Site Plan Analysis

condo facilities in grand dunman
Plenty of facilities in Grand Dunman.

(1) Direction / facing of units

Due to the shape of the site Grand Dunman is sitting on, many units will enjoy panoramic unblocked view.

The south and east facing units will overlook the Mountbatten landed estate towards the East Coast Park direction. Most of the units will have nice unobstructed view, with the possibility of pocketed sea views.

Grand Dunman view
Many units in Grand Dunman will enjoy unblocked panoramic view.

The north facing unit is looking towards the vacant army camp now.

A check on the URA masterplan 2019 shows that this plot of land where the vacant army camp is sitting on is zoned residential, at a plot ratio of 3.2.

This means that another residential development will come up in the future and the current unobstructed view will be compromised.

GLS, Grand Dunman
Will the upcoming residential development affect the view of the North facing units?

(2) Condo Facilities

As a mega development with 1,008 units, Grand Dunman needs to have considerably more facilities than other condos to accommodate the residents.

First up, lets talk about the club house.

There are 2 club houses within Grand Dunman.

The first one is the iconic Jewel Clubhouse, located beside the tennis court. This is a 3-storey club house with 3 functions rooms, entertainment rooms with karaoke, golf simulation and games. There are also shops within this club house.

facilities in grand dunman
Jewel Clubhouse is one of the two clubhouse in Grand Dunman.

The second clubhouse is the Pool Clubhouse, located right next to the pool. This is where the gym is located, together with 2 function rooms.

It is interesting to note that the developer has dedicated 1.1% of Grand Dunman's gross floor area to the gym. It will consist of at least 6 treadmills and 4 cycling machines. But with the number of units in this development, it will still be crowded during peak hours!

In terms of the other sports facilities, there is a 80m pool right in the middle of the condo, with the kids pool and a massage pool nearby.

condo facilities in grand dunman
There is a 80m pool right in the middle of Grand Dunman.

Also, there is a tennis court for residents who enjoy this sport. But again, it will be a battle of quick hands to book the tennis court especially during peak hours!

Having said that, one of the beauties of Grand Dunman is the proximity to the Park Connector. Simply exit from one of the side gates into the Park Connector and you can jog along the Geylang River!

Lastly, there is an area especially for the kiddos who enjoy outdoor playground.

From the Pool Clubhouse, kids can take the treetop walk down to the treehouse playground. Kids will enjoy running around the playground and even getting wet in the splash play zone!

Lastly, I feel one of the biggest selling point for Grand Dunman is the 1 to 1 carpark lots allocation!

Being a mega condo with 1,008 units, it is rare to see developer allocating carpark lots (3 storeys of basement carpark) for every unit, especially with its proximity to Dakota MRT!

And since there are a number of 1 and 2 bedroom units which will see many of them being tenanted, there is a good chance of the bigger units having more than 1 carpark lots. This is good news for families with more than 1 car!

(3) Unit Distribution

grand dunman units
There are 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 bedrooms and penthouses to choose from in Grand Dunman.

For the 1 bedroom and 1+study unit, you have the options to choose from units in Blk 6, 8, 10 or 12. All the units are either facing North or Northwest.

For the 2-bedroom units, there are 2-bedroom, 2+study and 2-bedrooms dual key units. It is well spread out within the condo, and buyers have the options to choose from different views.

There are 5 different types of 3-bedrooms units, namely 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom dual key, 3-bedroom flexi, 3-bedroom+ study and 3-bedroom grand.

For the 4 and 5-bedroom units, it comes with private lift and those in grand block are super generous in size!


Layout Analysis

Now, let's zoom into the different floorplans in Grand Dunman and do an in-depth comparison.

(1) 1-Bedroom Types

There are 204 units of 1-bedroom in Grand Dunman, and they belong to the following types:

  • 1-bedroom unit

  • 1 + study unit


Grand Dunman 1-bedroom floorplan.
Grand Dunman 1-bedroom floorplan.

There are 92 units of 1-bedroom in Grand Dunman.

These 92 units are divided into 2 types, both of which are 452 sqf for the typical units (ie. level 02 to 17).

In terms of layout, it is quite similar. The visible differences are the walkway when you enter the unit, as well as the balcony/aircon ledge area.

1 + study

Grand Dunman 1 + study floorplan.
Grand Dunman 1 + study floorplan.

There are a total of 112 units of 1 + study units.

Again, there are 2 different layouts. Both are 549 sqf for the typical units.

The main difference between these 2 layouts is the location of the study area.

(2) 2-Bedroom Types

There are 290 units of 2-bedders in Grand Dunman, and they fall into the following types:

  • 2-bedroom

  • 2 + study

  • 2 bedroom dual keys.

All 2-bedroom units come with porcelain tiles for the common area, and engineered timber for bedrooms.

The ceiling height is 2.8m.


Grand Dunman 2-bedroom floorplan.
Grand Dunman 2-bedroom floorplan.

There are 119 units of 2-bedroom in Grand Dunman, and buyers can choose from 2 different layouts.

Both layouts feature the dumbbell layout, which is a more efficient layout as there is no wasted corridor space.

Also, all the layouts come with only 1 bathroom.

The visible difference between the 2 layouts is the walkway when you enter the unit.

2 + study

Grand Dunman 2 + study floorplan.
Grand Dunman 2 + study floorplan.

There are a total of 137 units of 2 + study in Grand Dunman.

In terms of layouts, there are 4 types as shown above. All of them are 775 sqf for the typical units, except the last layout which is slightly bigger at 797 sqf.

All 2 + study units come with 2 bathrooms, as opposed to the 2-bedroom units which only have 1 bathroom.

2-bedroom dual keys

Grand Dunman 2-bedroom dual key floorplan.
Grand Dunman 2-bedroom dual key floorplan.

There are only 2 stacks of 2-bedroom dual keys units, making it a total of 34 units for buyers to choose from.

The layout is a typical dual key layout - consisting of the main unit, and another smaller studio unit.

Stack 31 is a smaller unit at 721 sqf, facing outwards towards Dunman Road,

Stack 26 faces inwards, and the lower floor units will be able to enjoy the nice pool view.

(3) 3-Bedroom Unit

There are a total of 315 units of 3 bedders in Grand Dunman, and they are of the following types:

  • 3-bedroom (Luxury)

  • 3 + study

  • 3-bedroom flexi

  • 3-bedroom (Grand)

  • 3-bedroom dual key

Just like the 2-bedroom units, developer provide porcelain tiles for the common area and engineered timber for the bedrooms.

Now let's compare the different floor plans.

3-bedroom (Luxury)

Grand Dunman 3-bedroom floorplan.
Grand Dunman 3-bedroom floorplan.

There are 3 different layouts for the 3-bedroom (Luxury) units.

All of them are compact and efficient layouts, without home shelter and yard area.

3 bedroom flexi / 3 + study / 3 bedroom (Grand)

Grand Dunman 3-bedroom types floorplan.
Grand Dunman 3-bedroom types floorplan.

There is only 1 layout for the 3 + study unit.

Personally I like the foyer at the entrance area, which provides privacy before you enter the unit itself.

As opposed to the 3 bedroom layout, this 3 + study layout comes with a home shelter, yard and WC in the kitchen area.

The 3-bedroom (Grand) is located in Blk 2, the Grand block. It is generous in size at 1,475sqf, and comes with private lift, wet and dry kitchen.

3-bedroom dual key

Grand Dunman 3-bedroom dual key floorplan.
Grand Dunman 3-bedroom dual key floorplan.

Dual keys units are great for those who are looking to stay in the main unit, and rent out the studio unit for extra income.

There are also owners who purchased dual key units for their own family to stay in the main unit, and parents to stay in the studio unit.

(4) 4-Bedroom Unit

There are 121 units of 4-bedroom units in Grand Dunman, and they are categorize according to the following types:

  • 4-bedroom

  • 4-bedroom (Luxury)

  • 4-bedroom (Grand)

4-bedroom unit / 4 bedroom (Luxury)

Grand Dunman 4-bedroom floorplan.
Grand Dunman 4-bedroom floorplan.

The main difference between 4-bedroom and 4-bedroom (Luxury) is that the latter comes with a private lift.

4-bedroom (Grand)

Grand Dunman 4-bedroom floorplan in the Grand Block.
Grand Dunman 4-bedroom floorplan in the Grand Block.

Finally, we can find 2 stacks of 4-bedders in the Grand Block. Both layouts in this block are spacious 1,927 sqf and 1,787 sqf.

(5) 5-Bedroom Unit

Grand Dunman 5-bedroom floorplan.
Grand Dunman 5-bedroom floorplan.

There are a total of 68 units of 5-bedroom units in Grand Dunman.

Half of these 68 units are the luxury types, and the remaining is located in the Grand Block.

It's so rare to find such spacious 5-bedroom units in a condo nowadays!

(6) Penthouse

There are a total of 10 penthouses in Grand Dunman.

Grand Dunman penthouses floorplan.
Grand Dunman penthouses floorplan.

Grand Dunman penthouses floorplan.
Grand Dunman penthouses floorplan.

What can I say? Simply love the generosity in terms of space in the penthouses!

Want the complete set of Grand Dunman's brochure?


Comparative Price Analysis

There are 3 major projects in the East that have been launched this year, namely Tembusu Grand, The Continuum and Grand Dunman.

Let's take a look at their average transacted price.

district 15 east coast real estate specialist
Price comparison between the 3 main condo launches in the East. (Source: EdgeProp, 23/09/2023)

The main difference among these 3 condos is that Tembusu Grand and Grand Dunman are both 99-years leasehold, whereas The Continuum has a freehold status.

Both Tembusu Grand and The Continuum are around 10 minutes walk to MRT, whereas Grand Dunman is just 3 minutes walk away.

While all 3 condos have a sizeable number of units, Tembusu Grand has the least units at 638, and Grand Dunman has the most number of units at 1,008.

Personally I think the average transacted price reflects how the situation is in the current market.

I would also like to compare these 3 condos with 2 other condos that buyers were actively comparing, namely Liv @ MB and Meyer Mansion.

district 15 east coast real estate agent
Price comparison between the 5 condo launches in the East. (Source: EdgeProp, 23/09/2023)

Liv @ MB is a condo that I personally like. It is a 99-years leasehold condo launched in May 2022. More than 75% unit were sold at an average price of $2,387psf on the first day.

The 1 and 2-bedroom units were almost snapped up on the launch day.

Developer for Liv @ MB, Bukit Sembawang increased prices a few times after the launch day (in fact even on the launch day itself!).

Meyer Mansion is a freehold condo located on prime Meyer Road. It was launched in 2019 at an average price of $2,747psf, with some units crossing $3,000psf.

Sales picked up fast and furious from 2021 onwards.

Developer Guocoland also increased prices a number of times since launch day.

At the point of writing, there is only 1 unit left for sale at Meyer Mansion, and 2 units available for Liv @ MB.


Properties in District 15 East Coast area are popular for own stay and for investment.

Grand Dunman sold 550 units, or 55% of total units on launch day.

While it is the best selling project in 2023 based on the number of units sold, market is not as vibrant as the year before due to the uncertainties in the market.

However, I remembered how the property market was in 2019, when another project Amber Park was launched. The take up rate initially was not as strong, but it picked up fast and furious in 2021 and 2022.

Buyers who bought earlier on are now sitting on profits as developer increase price for remaining units.

Will the same play out for Grand Dunman? I am anticipating the same.

Interested in purchasing a unit in District 15? Let me partner you and share my views on your property investment journey!


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