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District 15 East Coast Property - Meyer & Amber Road. Where Should I Invest? (Updated Nov 2020)

Updated: Apr 25

District 15 amber meyer property review

It is an exciting time for property owners and investors as we witness yet another growth in developer's sales volume for the month of September!

Since we enter into the post-circuit-breaker period, there has been consecutively growth in property sales volume. In fact the number of units sold in September is the highest in 2 years!

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Before we go into our main topic on properties in District 15, let us first look into how the property market performed in the last quarter.

Market Performance For 3Q2020

Private Residential Market

The private residential market is showing signs of recovery.

Prices of private homes increased consecutively for the second quarter. According to the statistics released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), prices of private residential homes increased by 0.8% from the previous quarter, after rebounding 0.3% in the second quarter.

The biggest increase in price came from the Rest of Central Region (RCR) followed by Outside of Central Region (OCR). RCR rose 2.5% while OCR rose 1.7% in price quarter-on-quarter,

Prices of properties in Quarter 3 by CCR, RCR and OCR

In terms of sales volume, the total number of transactions excluding executive condominiums (EC) increased sharply by 164.5%. 7.047 units were transacted in Q3 as compared to 2,664 units in Q2.

There is also a higher demand for luxury homes in the Core Central Region (CCR). According to URA Realis data, there was an increase of 100.7% in the number of units sold in Q3 as compared to Q2.

There were a total of 811 units of non-landed private homes (excluding EC) sold in Q3 in the CCR as compared to 404 units sold in Q2. In terms of year-on-year, the number of non-landed luxury homes transacted was also 32.3% higher than the 613 units sold in Q3 2019.

sales volume of properties transacted in Quarter 3 by CCR, RCR and OCR

With the good news pouring in from the private residential market, let us now dive deep into my home ground District 15, specifically in Meyer Road and Amber Road areas.

Meyer Road and Amber Road are the prime residential areas of District 15. Both are classified under the Rest of Central Region (RCR) and offer mainly freehold properties.

I will touch on the resale market as well as the new home sales. What are the average prices transacted here over the past 12 months?

For new home sales, prices are hitting $2,500psf for some units. Are they worth the buy?

Properties in District 15, are they good investments?

What is the potential upside for properties in Meyer Road and Amber Road area?

Location Scan

District 15

District 15 includes Tanjong Rhu, Meyer Road, Amber Road, Katong, Marine Parade, Joo Chiat and area around East Coast. A large proportion of the district is zoned for residential development.

There are both freehold and leasehold properties here, Generally, the residential properties in Tanjong Rhu and Marine Parade are 99 years leasehold (except for a few like Waterside and Parkshore in Tg Rhu which has the freehold status).

Properties in Meyer Road, Amber Road, Katong, Joo Chiat and East Coast are generally freehold (except The Shore where the developer, Far East has decided to sell the property at 103 years leasehold instead of freehold).

Meyer Road and Amber Road Areas

When you look at the map, Meyer Road and Amber Road neighborhoods are next to each other, separated only by Tanjong Katong Road.

However, if you make a trip down, you will notice these two neighborhoods give off totally different vibes, appealing to different groups of people.

Meyer Road area is a quiet neighborhood. A large part of the area is zoned as landed housing, with even a segment of it zoned only for bungalows.

High rise condos lined in front of the highway and form a "wall" between the sea and the landed housing.

It is relaxing to take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the lush greenery and tranquil environment.

On the other hand, there are more developments in the Amber Road area.

You will find a few big condos here with hundreds of units each, and many boutique condos with fewer units.

There are plenty of amenities within walking distance - eateries, pubs, shopping malls etc.

There is a lot of vibrancy in the Amber Road area.

What Are The Average Prices In District 15?

District 15

From the chart above, we can see that new home sales in District 15 are transacting at an average price of $2,176.11psf in 2020. This is a 69% increase from $1,290.80psf in 2010.

For resale properties, it is an increase of 35% from $963.36psf in 2010 to $1303.63 in 2020.

Let's now zoom into the Meyer Road and Amber Road areas to see what is the average transacted price of properties there.

Meyer Road

It is very interesting when we look at the age of the major condominiums on Meyer Road. Broadly speaking, we can classify them into 3 eras of condos:

Built Between 1970 to 1985

  • Peach Garden (TOP 1975)

  • Hawaii Tower (TOP 1984)

  • Meyer Park (TOP 1985)

peach garden, hawaii tower, meyer park, meyer road

There are not many units in these older condos. This is one of the reasons why there are not many transactions.

Based on the units transacted this year, the average sales price is $1,442psf for Peach Garden, $1,436 for Hawaii Tower and $1,386psf for Meyer Park.

spacious condo
Peach Garden is one the oldest condos on Meyer Road.

Built Between 1986 to 2000

  • The Sovereign (TOP 1993)

  • The Atria @ Meyer (TOP 1996)

  • The Makena (TOP 1998)

Based on the units transacted this year, the average sales price is $1,464psf for The Makena and $1,633 for The Atria at Meyer. There was no units transacted in The Sovereign this year.

sea view condo
The Makena is popular with many buyers as the units are spacious and command a good seaview.

Built Between 2001 to 2015

  • The Belvedere (TOP 2007)

  • The Seafront on Meyer (TOP 2010)

  • Aalto (TOP 2010)

  • The Meyerise (TOP 2014)

Newer condos are built in place of older condos which were enbloc.

From the chart above, we can see that The Belvedere transacted at an average price of $1,792psf, followed by The Seafront @ Meyer at $1,862psf. Aalto was transacted at an average price of $1,917psf, and The Meyerise, being the newest resale condo, transacted at $2,039psf.

The Meyerise, The seafront at meyer. aalto, the belvedere
The Meyerise is one of the newest condo on Meyer Road.

Looking at the charts above, it is easy to see that the newer the condos, the higher the PSF price. However, do note that the older condos like Peach Garden, Hawaii Tower and Meyer Park have very spacious units so it is natural that their PSF price is lower too.

In short, we can summarize that the average price of the oldest era of condo hovers around $1400psf. Those built in the 1990s are going at around $1,550psf and the newer batch of condos are transacting at between $1,700 to $1,950psf.

The Meyerise, being the newest resale condo on Meyer Road is transacting at around $2,100psf.

Amber Road

The developments in Amber Road areas consist mainly of these 2 types: Large land parcels with a big number of units, and smaller land parcels with high rise condo.

Large land parcels with a big number of units are popular with families. Condos like One Amber, The Esta, and The Sea View have more than 400 units each. The average unit size is also bigger with more 3 and 4 bedders type.

Facilities like swimming pool, gyms and function rooms are more families-oriented. Maintenance fees are also normally lower as there are more units.

Let's take a look at the price of these condos over the past 12 months:

  • The Seaview (TOP 2008, total units 546)

  • The Esta (TOP 2008, total units 400 )

  • One Amber (TOP 2010, total units 562)

From the chart above, we can summarize that the bigger developments in the Amber Road areas are transacting at an average of $1,600 to $1,800psf.

Smaller land parcels with high rise condo can commonly be found in the Amber Road areas. These developments consist mainly of the smaller units and are targeted more at singles or couples with no kids.

Let's check out the price of the below developments to see if the size of developments affects the price.

  • Amber Residences (TOP 2011, total units 114)

  • The Cape (TOP 2014, total units 76)

  • Amber Skye (TOP 2017, total units 109)

amber residences, amber skye, the cape

From the chart above, we can see that the prices of these smaller developments are transacting at around $1,500 to $1,750psf.

However, do note that there are only a couple of transactions for these developments so the price might not reflect the actual market situation.

Prices of smaller developments tend to be lower than the larger ones due to the lack of bigger facilities.

How Is The Sales Volume in District 15?

According to an article by Edgeprop, District 15 is one of the Top 5 most-searched districts by property buyers.

Let's look into the sales volume here, and compare it against 2 other popular districts, District 9 and 10.

Looking at the chart above, we can see that the sales volume in District 15 for the year to date is 646 units. This is more than the 615 units sold in District 9 and close to the 652 units sold in District 10.

Properties in D15 are popular with homeowners and property investors.

Accessible to MRT In 2023

There are no MRT lines running in District 15 currently. The nearest MRT station to the East Coast area is Paya Lebar, Eunos and Kembangan stations on the East-West Line or Mountbatten and Stadium stations on the Circle Line.

However, with the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) ready in 2023, there will be 6 stations serving the residents in D15.

These stations are Tanjong Rhu, Katong Park, Tanjong Katong, Marine Parade, Marine Terrace and Siglap stations.

Katong park tanjong katong mrt
There will be 6 MRT stations serving the East Coast area by 2023.

Condos in Meyer Road are accessible to 2 MRT stations - namely Katong Park MRT and Tanjong Katong (Amber) MRT.

Amber area is served by Tanjong Katong (Amber) MRT.

TEL is an important MRT line as it leads all the way to Woodlands (with the possibility that the line might be extended to Malaysia) on one end and Changi Airport on the other end.

It takes only 6 to 7 MRT stops from Meyer Road and Amber Road areas to reach Marina Bay.

Let's take a pause now and think about this question:

How many freehold properties in Singapore can we find that is within minutes walk to the MRT station?

En-bloc Potential

Developments in the Meyer Road area typically sit on a larger land parcel. Many of them are built in the older eras and their land is under-utilized. Condos like Hawaii Tower, Meyer Park and The Sovereign have huge development potential.

Hawaii Tower is sitting on a land size of 17,869sqm, with currently 135 units in the development. Compare this to The Seafront on Meyer, which has only a slightly bigger land size at 18,684sqm but has a total of 327 units.

Meyer Park has a land size of 8,981sqm, with a total of 60 units now. Compare this to The Belvedere, which has a smaller land size of 7,551sqm but has 167 units.

Lastly, look at The Sovereign. This development has a land size of 13,370sqm and only 87 units. Compare this to The Meyerise, the newest condo on Meyer Road. The Meyerise has a smaller land size of 10,613sqm but 239 units.

The en-bloc potential on Meyer Road is huge.

There are also a couple of developments that are under-developed in the Amber area.

Kings Mansion was built in 1982. It has a land size of 16,419sqm with 196 units in it. At a plot ratio of 2.8, there is a huge potential for redevelopment.

Amber Point was built in 1991. It has a land size of 8,168sqm with 100 units. The units are all above 1600sf. There is potential for redevelopment too.

How can property investors capitalize on this?

There are 2 ways to capitalize on this.

Firstly, investors can invest in an older property with en-bloc potential. This is because properties that were en-bloc successfully will fetch a higher market price than if it is listed in the market.

Secondly, investors can purchase a unit in the area where there are developments with en-bloc potential. This is because when these developments are en-bloc successfully, the prices of the new development will in-turn bring up the prices of surrounding properties.

New Launches In Meyer Road And Amber Road

There are currently a few new launches in the Meyer Road and Amber Road areas:

The prices of these new launches average between $2,100 to $2,800psf.

Are the prices of these new launches too high? What is the supply of new launches in D15? As an investor, what is the upside of buying these properties?

I will discuss in details in my other articles.


District 15 has always been a highly sought-after district. It is home to many generations. Many East Coast dwellers are hardcore Eastlanders and will not move to any other parts of Singapore.

Properties in D15 are also favored by many tenants. It is only a 10 minutes drive both to the CBD and Changi Airport. When the TEL MRT is ready in 2023, it will attract a bigger pool of tenants.

As a home for own-stay or property to be rented for passive income, D15 properties appeal to both. That is why this district has always been highly searched by property buyers.

If you are interested to explore investing in a property or need further opinions on which one makes a good investment. Do make an appointment and let's share our opinions :)

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