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I began my real estate journey when I purchased my first home in 2002. 

During the course of my work, I met different people and am humbled to be involved in different phases of their lives. Many of my clients bought their property due to major life transitions - getting married, having kids, growing family and upgrading etc. I am always happy to be there and share their joy.

Of cos, there were also many sad stories - divorce, financial hardship, passing on of a family member etc. It is heart-wrenching and emotional to witness what they have gone through, yet we must remain rational to help them move on.

I enjoy deep conversations and learning about life through experience. Doing sales give me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, Their life experiences often enrich me.

On the personal front, I have seen myself progressed over the past 18 years. From being single to a mother of 2 boys, who are currently in their teens and pre-teens age. I am truly blessed as real estate work gives me the flexibility and freedom to spend time with them.

Family Photo in front of Forbidden City

It was also during this time when I saw many of my peers sucked into the long hours of a salaried job. A number of them are mothers who have young children. They often feel guilty not spending enough time with their kids but yet can't do much about it.

I also have friends who are single or have grown-up kids. Many of them are super career women who felt so burned out from the long hours of a salaried job. They will like to spend more time pursuing what they want in life.


I always believed there is a reason why God place us where we are. It felt my calling now to use my experience to help women who will like to get out of that rut, and I know real estate is a good career that can achieve that.​

"It is my vision to help women not only to achieve success in their real estate career but also to

strike a balance between marriage, children, and having a fulfiling life."

Real estate work is meaningful work. Whether to customers or to fellow colleagues, let's give our best to make a difference in people's life.

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