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Understanding CPF Usage For Property (2020)

Updated: Jan 13

Understanding CPF

Using CPF for property purchase?

Seriously you are asking me this question? We have been dying to use our monies in our CPF account! Using it on property is a legit way and why not?

Before we go on to discuss the hot topic of whether to use CPF for property, I want to explain some CPF policies and regulations for property usage. This will help us in making a better decision whether to use CPF for property purchase.

CPF Contribution and Allocation Rates -

Ordinary Account (OA), Special Account (SA), Medisave Account (MA)

CPF allocation rates
CPF allocation rates for private sector and public sector non-pensionable employees (Source: CPF Website)

We can use CPF from our OA for the purchase of HDB and private properties. Please click here for more information on using CPF for housing.

The bulk of our CPF contribution goes to OA when we are younger. As we grow older, more contribution goes to SA and MA. This is to prepare us for retirement needs.

What is CPF Interest Rate?

CPF monies are being paid interest of up to 5% for those aged below 55, and up to 6% for aged 55 years and above (ref to diagram below).

CPF Interest Rates
CPF Interest Rates (Source: CPF Website)

How much CPF can I use for property purchase?

Purchase of HDB Flats

There are limits on the amount of CPF you can use for HDB purchase. It depends on the following:

  • Buying a new or resale HDB flat;

  • The remaining lease of flat can cover the youngest buyer who is using CPF for the flat to at least 95 years old. If it cannot cover, CPF usage will be pro-rated;

  • whether you are using HDB concessionary loan or bank loan to finance the purchase of the flat.

How much CPF you can use for HDB purchase
Amount of CPF you can use for HDB

Purchase of Private Properties

There are limits on the amount of CPF you can use for purchase of private properties. It depends on the following:

  • Number of properties (e.g. HDB flat/private property) you own; and

  • Remaining lease of property can cover the youngest buyer using CPF to at least 95 years old. If it cannot, CPF usage will be pro-rated .

Private Properties
Amount of CPF you can use for Private Properties

You can use CPF Housing Usage Calculator to compute how much CPF you can use for your property.

CPF Withdrawal Limits

There are 2 types of limit to how much CPF you can use for property purchase, namely Valuation Limit (VL) and Housing Withdrawal Limit (HWL).

These limits are not applicable for buyers who buy new HDB flats with HDB concessionary loan.

** Valuation Limit **

Valuation limit (VL) is the purchase price or market value of the property at time of purchase, whichever is lower.

When the VL is reached, you can only continue to use your CPF to service the monthly loan instalment if you can set aside the Basic Retirement Sum.

Otherwise, you have to use cash to service the monthly loan instalment. 

Read more on Basic Retirement Sum, Full Retirement Sum (aka Retirement Sum) and Enhanced Retirement Sum on CPF Retirement Sum.

** Housing Withdrawal Limit (HWL) **

Housing Withdrawal Limit is the maximum amount of CPF that can be used for a particular property. Once HWL is reached, owners would have to use cash to service the monthly loan instalment.

HWL is set at 120% of the property's valuation limit.

Can I continue using CPF to service my monthly loan instalment after 55?

A Retirement Account (RA) will be created when you turn 55. The balance in your OA will then be transferred to RA. You can use the balance in your OA to service your monthly loan instalment after you set aside the Retirement Sum.

You can also choose to pledge your property with CPF and use the balance of the Basic Retirement Sum to service your instalment.

instalment by pledging
You can use the balance of your Basic Retirement Sum to pay the monthly instalment by pledging your property.

Do note that the balance lease of the property has to cover the owner till age 95 in order for you to continue using CPF to service instalment after you have set aside the Retirement Sum.

If you continue working after 55, your new CPF OA contributions can also be used for housing loan repayments.

Can I use my CPF for an ageing property?

You can use CPF for buying property as long as the remaining lease of the property can cover the youngest buyer to age 95. If not, CPF usage will be pro-rated.

Go to CPF Usage Calculator to find out how much CPF you can use by keying in your age and the remaining lease of the property you intend to purchase.

You cannot use CPF for a property with remaining lease of less than 20 years.

Buying Multiple Properties Using CPF

You can use the excess of Basic Retirement Sum in your OA to buy multiple properties.

Multiple Properties

However, if none of your properties can covers the youngest buyer till age 95, you will need to set aside the Full Retirement Sum (ie. twice the BRS) before you can use excess OA funds to buy other properties.

Do I need to pay back CPF after I sell my property?

CPF savings are important for both housing needs and retirement. Property owners need to return to their CPF OA whatever amount they have used, plus the interests that would have been accumulated if you have not used the CPF.

You can view the amount to be refunded to your CPF account by logging into CPF website.

Do I need to top up the CPF shortfall if I sell at a loss?

The formula for calculating sales proceed is as follow:

Cash Proceed = Selling Price - Outstanding Mortgage - (CPF Used + Accrued Interest)

* For HDB properties, owners might need to deduct other costs like resale levy and/or upgrading fees.

If there is negative sales proceed (where the selling price is not sufficient to return to CPF after paying off outstanding mortgage), you will not be required to top up the shortfall. However, the property must be sold at or above current market value.

CPF will allocate the remaining sales proceeds after paying off outstanding mortgage loan between the owner and co-owner’s CPF account.

Please note that all deposits collected will have to be surrendered so that it can be returned to your CPF OA.

What about Housing Grants?

Housing grants are grants given to HDB buyers to help them own a flat. There are many kinds of grant - Family Grant, Singles Grant, Proximity Housing Grant etc.

Housing grants are given in the form of CPF. They will be credited into CPF OA and be used to offset the purchase price. As per the regulations pertaining the usage of CPF for property purchase, these amount together with accrued interest, have to be returned to your CPF OA when you sell the flat.

Housing Grants

I hope this article has given you a better understanding regarding the use of CPF for property. Please feel free to share this article with someone whom might find it useful :)

If you would like to have a chat on any real estate matters, make an appointment with me for a non-obligated discussion!


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