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This is a trait that is becoming harder to master.

We live in a world of information overload and instant gratification.

Digitization, which was meant to increase our productivity, seems like a double-edged sword.

It is the enemy of our focus many a time.

Other times, we are our own enemy. We try to focus on many things within a short period of time. And the result? We achieved nothing.

I received this yesterday.

Vivian chong top achiever real estate career mentor

This is not the first time I received this in my real estate career. But it is the first time I received this from my existing agency, OrangeTee & Tie.

There is definitely a lot of pride and at the same time, many thoughts behind this award.

I joined OrangeTee with many aspirations. I wanted to enter the shophouse segment. I wanted to do Team Management. And I wanted to continue my work in residential sales.

It was my first move after staying with my previous agency for 18 years.

Then came the biggest disruption of our generation - Covid 19.

Circuit Breaker forces most people to stay home. This is followed by Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.

I can make many reasons for why I didn't make it last year. But in my heart, I know they are just excuses.

The only reason why my sales flopped was that I was not focused.

I overestimated myself. I wanted to achieve a lot within a short time.

Well, as the saying goes: You never lose. You either win, or you learn.

Last year was the year l learned.

So this year, I told myself to be focused.

I hope to share my experience with whoever reading this.

And especially to my team whom I really hope their sales can surpass me many times over. I wanna tell you: Stay focused,

As a newbie in the real estate industry, there is a lot you want to learn and to do. But stay focused on what you have set up to do for now.

We can make adjustments along the way, and expand on what you want to do. But for a start, just remain focused.

And to the experienced agents, let's remain focused on what we want to do to reach our goal and our vision.

And very soon we will see each other at the Awards Ceremony :)

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Vivian joined the real estate industry in 2002. Having been in the real estate business for almost 2 decades, she knows the rewards and challenges that a real estate agent face. While the real estate career offers lucrative income and flexible work hours, it also presents many challenges - financial insecurity as we do not have basic pay, time management as we juggle work, children and family all at one time. Only those who have walked the same journey will understand. Vivian would now like to pay it forward by mentoring fellow agents, especially women who want to build a real estate career.

It is her vision to see women achieving their dreams, and live their lives with purpose and passion through a successful real estate career.

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