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NAVIS Training Platform


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NAVIS WINGS is our Training Master Plan that produces highly qualified and deployment ready property agents.

Led by renown and highly experienced industry trainers, NAVIS WINGS enhances our property agents’ knowledge and helps them achieve new breakthroughs in their careers.

With more than 190 hours of free intensive lessons, role plays, on-site training, and immersive boot camp trainings, NAVIS WINGS equips our property agents with the capabilities to meet the needs and expectations of clients from the mass market to the most affluent of investors.


Embark on a life-changing journey with us!


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Property Wealth Planning (PWP) is a discipline that our property agents learn and apply to help HDB and Private Property Owners grow their wealth safely and systematically. 

Our Property Wealth Planners’ mission is to enable more families to create passive income streams and a comfortable retirement through savvy property investing insights and strategies. 

The Property Wealth Planning Training Syllabus is backed up by beautifully created and easy to understand presentation kits; all designed with the latest adult learning methodologies to make learning complex theories simple.


Transforming Real Estate Agents Into Confident Advisers!

A powerful and simple to follow system that has helped new and experienced property agents transform into confident and competent advisers, achieve breakthrough sales and increase their "authority" in the field.


A Self-Discovery & Personal Mastery Programme That Helps People Redefine Possibilities, Achieve Freedom And Exceptional Results in Their Lives. 

BRAVE is not a motivational course. Neither does the programme promise to give you all the answers.

Rather, BRAVE was designed to walk you through a series of events and reflective moments that will help you find the answers buried deep within yourself.


These revelations will bring about positive and permanent enhancements in the quality of your life and empower you with the freedom to be at ease and the power to be effective in the areas that matter most to you: the quality of your relationships, the confidence to live life at your fullest potential, your personal productivity and your enjoyment of life. 

BRAVE is based on proven models of transformative learning that trains the heart, mind and soul to provide you with profound and lasting difference in your life.

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Cutting Edge Mobile App Technology For NAVIS Agents


The brainchild of our IT Director, Jason Tan, Link Up has dramatically improved the workflow of real estate agents since it was launched 5 years ago.

Over the years, Link Up has helped property agents close more deals than they did before, while saving them many hours and resources spent on mundane repetitive tasks.

Watch our video to understand how Link Up has impacted the lives of our people through it’s revolutionary functions such as Maxposure, Navis TAG, S.A.M, iMarketing and more.


Never miss trainings again with our FB Live Trainings!

We know you REALLY want to learn. We know how tough it is to have to juggle your family, sales, other commitments and attend regular trainings at the same time. 


Your growth and development is important to us and hence our FaceBook Live Trainings will help you be in two places at a time! Follow our trainings whether you are waiting for your kids, in the showflat or just aren't able to make it that day. Download your Property Wealth Planning and other training decks in Link Up and follow along with the rest of us in class. 


Never miss trainings again, yeah!

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